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The Global Honors Program is the University of Washington Tacoma's interdisciplinary honors program, adding distinction to the bachelor's degree. It offers a global curriculum, a stimulating learning environment and an active community of high-achieving, motivated students from majors across campus. Through rigorous core seminars, immersive study abroad opportunities, and extra-curricular events, honors scholars embark on enriching pathways to community leadership and global citizenship.

The Global Honors student blog is a forum for program participants to share their experiences, thoughts and advice. Official program information and other details can be found on our website.

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Posted: 3 hours 58 min ago

This is urgent. Your life is in danger.
Nobody can save your life for you;
only you have the ability to save your own life.
There is something that attacks us...
every moment of every day of our lives.
It is subtle, illusive, slippery,
and dubious.

It is mediocrity.